"The Authentic Thai Experience"

WE WELCOME YOU to our Krua (kitchen) to experience the delicious and distinctive tastes of authenticThai food.  All Krua’s dishes are carefully created according to genuine ancient Thai recipes, emphasizing taste and quality, to ensure a satisfying experience.


Our menu is inspired by well known specialties from all over the Kingdom of Thailand. The great pleasure in eating Thai food is in the wide variety of tastes. The exotic aromas, spices, herbs, and finest delicacies are all present in our most exquisite and even our simplest of dishes. Enjoy the soft to crunchy, sweet to sour, bitter to mellow, spicy to sweet, and hot to cool. With family recipes and cooking styles passed down through generations, Krua Thai Cuisine shares the exquisiteness of Thai food with you in a large selection of delightful dishes.


We hope you will be pleased with your dining experience while you enjoy Krua’s Asian ambience.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the friendship and conversation at your table. Thai food is something to be savored, shared and, above all, ENJOYED.


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